Calle Esperanza 318 Miraflores, Lima Peru. Español: +51 948 123 380 +51 1 641 1237 English: +1 818 252-8328
Welcome to
La Luna Inn
a boutique inn located at the heart of Miraflores.
For your safety from Covid-19
On guest arrival at hotel, their luggage will be sanitized and they will also be encouraged to sanitize theirs hands and shoes before proceeding with any of the check-in formalities.
The body temperature of the guests will also be checked via an infrared thermometer on arrival.
All guests will be required to self check-in via our webpage stating that they, and all members of their party are healthy and will also be required to provide a list of all places they have visited in the past 14 days.
Keys/Key Cards will be sanitized before being handed to the guest.
For the safety of our guests, rooms are sanitized by wiping down all walls, floors and hard surface area with sanitizing solution after every guest check out. Powerful UV-C light is exposed in the room for 20 minutes and bathroom for 10 minutes. All cloth uphostery and other soft materials are steamed sanitize.
Restaurants and seating in the lobby have been reconfigured to ensure safe distances between guests.
Temperature readings of all guests as well as staff members in the hotel premises are taken regularly.


We, at Hotel La Luna Inn - part of Ayenda, are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our guests and employees. We adhere to all the best practices recommended by W.H.O. We take numerous precautions to ensure a safe stay for our guests and would like to highlight some of them below:


Relax at
La Luna Inn
Perfect place to relax during your holiday.
Enjoy a 10% discount when paid in full during booking.  Use coupon code PAID.
Perfect Place For Dining
Enjoy Criollo Executive Lunch Set Menu during the weekday, Italian, or Chinese food. Try out our chinese pastries as well for dessert.

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Our Commitment to Covid 19


To keep your visit with us safe, we are using special protocol to safeguard your visit from sanitizing your luggage to your room.

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A little about us

Centrally located in the heart of Miraflores, we are 5 minutes walking distance away from all major activities like fine dining, many type of casual dining, Craft beer bars, shopping center, and Inka Market.  Also, we are situated next to all the gold, silver and antique shops, well known in Lima.  Here you will find gold bracelet, used antique watches, Rolex. 

Our restaurant

Come and enjoy tasty food in our cafe-bar and restaurant. Enjoy Chinese pastries and Chinese food in our cafe-bar. If you like Italian, freshly made pastas and other Italian food are available in our restaurant.