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How to arrived at our hotel

There are 2 bus lines that pickup at airport and drop off in Miraflores.

Airport Express

This is a 50 seater luxury bus with Free Wi-Fi and USB charger. You can book the bus online or last minute at the bus reception counter. The bus reception counter is at the arrival hall, outside the baggage claim area when you exit custom. The bus leaves every 30 minutes but the last bus is at midnight (00:00). The bus will drop off 3 blocks (Av. La Paz and Schell) from our hotel in front of Maria Angola hotel. Please see above map. The cost is US$8.00 per passenger.

Airport Express Timetables

Quick Llama

This a smaller 15 seater bus. The cost is s/20 (approximately US$6.00). The bus will drop off in front of hotel. The last bus is at 01:00. You will need to reserve first to confirm bus availability prior to arriving Lima airport.

Their timetable and webpage for booking is below:

QuickLlama Timetables

QuickLlama Price and Booking


We can have a taxi pick you up at the airport. The cost is US$15.00. This is especially convenient, if you have lots of luggage or more than one person. Email us or book with us and we will arrange for the taxi pickup.